Tech Rider

Basic Performing and Technical Information
Choreographed acts range from 5-8 minutes depending on the music selection. Christine is adaptable to music and the theme of her acts.
For atmosphere entertainment,15-20 minute sessions are normal, with equal breaks of time between sets.
We supply:
–Performance props & apparatus, costumes, accessories, make-up, and rigging equipment (slings, span sets, carabiners, swivels, shakles, etc.) unless discussed beforehand.
Technical Rider
Aerial Requirements (SEE DIAGRAM BELOW)
  • I Rigging point(s) must be located on a structural support such as I-beams, girders, trussing, trees, cranes, bar or cross beam, etc and must be rated to support 1200 lbs minimum. Beams should be at least 4×12″ thick and ideally have space at the top for rigging material to choke over. If such a rigging point is not available then please ask us about renting a portable rig.
  • II Must have safe access to the rigging structure (foot access, powered lift, ladder or climbable surface) for load-in and load-out.
  • III Rigging area should be free from impeding objects (lighting, ceiling fans, décor, etc.). Floor clearance under aerial apparatus and for each act a 10’ diameter. Please see height requirements below for individual acts.
  • IV Rigging fee may be applied.
  • V Sufficient lighting is required for the performers to see and be seen. Stage/theatrical lighting is optimal, but not necessary.
  • VI A sound system with CD player.
  • VII Private area for changing/stretching.
  • VIII If show is out of town then round-trip air and ground transportation and accommodations.
Solo and static aerial silks and Spanish web
  1. Min 18 ft from stage to ceiling. Higher is better, up to 30 feet.
  2. Requires 1 rigging point with a second point to hang a pulley for removal of silks from the performance area if necessary.
Aerial duo flying silks
  1. Min 25 ft from stage to ceiling.
  2. Requires 1 rigging point.
  3. Requires a pulley system and pullers <please contact for information>
Aerial hammock requirements:
  1. Min 14 ft from stage to ceiling.
  2. Requires 1 rigging point.
  3. Act also works with a pulley system and pullers if available.
Cerceaux/Lyra (aerial hoop) requirements:
  1. Min 18 ft from stage to ceiling
  2. Requires a pulley system and pullers <please contact for information>
Extension cable and rigger must be provided by the client if ceiling is too high.
Hand to hand requirements:
  1. Minimum 6 x 6 floor space.
  2. Minimum 15 feet height. No rigging required.