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Secrets of the Circus Acts Revealed

You no longer have to run away to join the circus. At last anyone can learn the most closely guarded circus specialty acts ever performed… techniques brought to your home from the best in the circus industry. A MUST for anyone interested in circus artistry.
Secrets of the Circus Revealed makes learning circus acts fun and easy. Perfect for adults or children, with or without circus experience. Dancers, gymnasts, cheerleaders, athletes, professional performers or anyone interested in circus artistry can learn.
The techniques are broken down in an easy to understand format. You will increase your fitness level, strength and coordination while learning these impressive skills.
Turn the dream into a reality.

Secrets of the Circus Revealed 5-set

SOTC_SetAll of the circus related material compiled together in one 5-set. Learn handstands, juggling, aerial artistry, sports acrobatics, tumbling and more!

     $79.95    DVDs

Secrets of the Circus Revealed #1 

“I learned handstands from one of your videos and wanted to say thank-you. I love handstanding!! but I couldn’t have done it without your instructional videos. It helped a lot with body alignment for fabrics and straps also.”
– Francoise Voranger — Milan, Italy

  This DVD/download covers:
Tumbling: from a forward roll to a back flip and more
Team Acrobatics: Two person balancing skills
     $24.95    DVD

             $24.95   Download


 Secrets of the Circus Revealed #2

“The videos are fresh and fun. The most important skill is safety and that comes with learning technique. These videos teach you safety techniques in order to perform properly. How lucky are the buyers of these videos to be  to get this information straight up from one of our industry’s best.”
– Christopher Harrison — Artistic Director for Antigravity


A continuation of the first DVD. This video/DVD covers:
Team Acrobatics (Part 2):
Advanced two person balancing skills.
Team Acrobatics (Trio Skills):
Beginner and advanced three person balancing skills

     $24.95   DVD

             $24.95   Download

 Secrets of the Circus Revealed #3

“We purchased your entire set of videos. The kids have been working through them all year. To them, you seem like a friend because they see and learn from you every day! Casey has done al the corde lisse tricks you showed and also the same tricks on chiffon/tissu/silks (whatever name you call it!). Thank you for sharing your talents with so many people!”
– Marilyn Thomas, Casey, Seth & Ryan – Orlando, FL
Part three in the series. This DVD covers:
Corde Lisse — Static & dynamic tricks on a rope
Spanish Web — Spinning skills on a rope
Chinese Poles — Impressive static maneuvers while on a pole
      $24.95    DVD

              $24.95   Download


 Secrets of the Circus Revealed #4

“The Secrets of the Circus Revealed series is a wonderful introduction into the world of circus acrobats. The step-by-step demonstrations and simple explanations make it possible for beginners to get started. I would highly recommend this series as a terrific teaching tool for any circus enthusiasts with interests ranging from great work out to performance level.”
— Richie Gaona — Stuntman, trainer to Circus of the Stars
The fourth DVD covers:
Trapeze — Stationary trapeze tricks
Cradle — Two person cradle trapeze
Juggling — 3-5 ball juggling to 5 ball bounce juggling and more
     $24.95   DVD

             $24.95   Download


Sports Acrobatics 

“‘SPORTS ACROBATICS’ offers the foundations of this sport in a natural progression with excellent tips and expert demonstration. This instructional video will be an excellent starting point for generations of athletes, coaches and anyone who wants to learn this beautiful sport.”
– Jay Groves — 11 time National Sports Acrobatics Champion, 2002 USSA Hall of Fame Inductee, Coach of 18 National Champions
Sports Acro
All the Sports Acrobatics related material recompiled into one compact package. Sports acrobatics is the ultimate resource for acrobats, gymnasts, cheerleaders, dancers or curious individuals of all ages.
    $24.95   DVD

            $24.95   Download

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The Aerial Hoop Manual Volume 1

5698658In this first volume of the Aerial Hoop Manual series, you will find over 600 pictures to help depict over 50 families of moves which are explained through detailed step-by-step instructions. Students will gain an understanding of where the content fits into the big picture of aerial hoop. Teachers will be assisted in learning how to properly teach progressions, grip choices and much more.



  $67.95   Book

           $47.95   Download

Beginning Aerial Fabric Instructional Manual

8866705This manual includes over 250 pictures describing steps in detail to over forty beginning moves on silks. This manual is perfect for teachers and students alike. Focusing on injury prevention, this book highlights common mistakes so that you can be a more effective teacher or spotter! Refresh, review or add on to your skills with the aid of this book.
This book covers footlocks: single footlocks (where only one foot is locked, the other ribbon is free), double footlocks (both feet are individually wrapped), and basic footlock moves (where one foot is locked with both the fabrics together). It also includes an introduction to the hip lock (a.k.a. hip key), as well as various climbs.

    $56.95   Book

           $32.95  Download


Intermediate Aerial Fabric Instruction Manual Part 1

1139628This manual has full color pictures at every step to describe more than fifty moves and their variations. Everything from locks and basic wraps to drops and intermediate sequences of choreography is covered in this two-part manual series.
Part 1 includes an article on “moves classification theory,” instructions on wraps, locks, climbing techniques, and intermediate sequences of choreography.

   $64.95   Book

          $39.95   Download


Intermediate Aerial Fabric Instructional Manual Part 2

product_thumbnail.php_This manual has full color pictures at every step to describe more than fifty moves and their variations. This series is a must-have for serious students of aerial fabric.
Part 2 includes step-by-step details of various drops as well as over 30 moves and how to start connecting ideas. This is a great reference for those who are just starting to work with drops on the fabric, as well as for those who are interested in choreography, and how the various fundamental ideas of fabric can be applied to new knots.

   $64.95    Book

          $39.95   Download



Aerial Yoga Manual Volume 1


With over 300 detailed pictures, this step-by-step manual covers all the basics of a first course in aerial yoga. Pigeon, bow, frog, plank and more than forty other moves are described using the fabric as an assisting tool. Moves are done both in conjunction with the ground and suspended in the air. Designed for both teachers and students, this manual is the perfect reference handbook to have on hand.

   $47.95   Book

           $26.95   Download



Aerial Yoga Volume II

2281316Covering more than fifty moves, this is the second and more advanced volume in the Aerial Yoga series. With detailed descriptions and pictures at every turn, moves such as handstands, back arch poses, and planks are explained step-by-step. Teachers and students alike will benefit from adding this manual to their resource library.

   $47.95   Book

          $26.95   Download